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Shortlisted: AddStars for Small Business of the Year

AddStars, a UK-based review aggregation company, has been shortlisted for the Small Business of the Year award in the United Kingdom. This recognition comes as a testament to the innovation and effectiveness that AddStars offers to its customers, who care about their reviews and want to display them prominently on Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

The Small Business of the Year award is one of the most prestigious awards in the UK, and it recognizes businesses that have demonstrated outstanding performance and growth over the past year. It is awarded to businesses that have shown a commitment to excellence in their field and have made significant contributions to the UK economy.

AddStars has been providing its services to businesses of all sizes., Its innovative platform allows businesses to collect and display customer reviews on Google SERPs, which can significantly boost their online visibility and reputation.

The company has also been praised for its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for businesses to aggregate their reviews and increase their online reputation.

This nomination for the Small Business of the Year award is an invaluable step in validating AddStars’ efforts to help businesses improve their online reputation and visibility. It is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, as well as its impact on the UK economy.

In a statement, the MD of AddStars, Mark Hickman, expressed his gratitude for the nomination and recognition. He said, “We are thrilled to be shortlisted for the Small Business of the Year award. This is a testament to our hard work and commitment to providing innovative solutions that help businesses improve their online reputation and visibility. We are grateful to our customers, who have trusted us with their online reputation management, and to our team, who have worked tirelessly to develop and improve our platform.”

The winner of the Small Business of the Year award will be announced later this year. In the meantime, AddStars continues to provide innovative review management solutions to businesses across the UK, helping them to boost their online reputation and attract more customers.

Here’s more about UK Business Awards in their own words...

An award in your industry category makes it much easier for prospective clients and customers to trust your company, and builds your team’s confidence. Of course, if you’re a small business or a solo entrepreneur, it can seem daunting to enter in national awards, running against much larger companies. This is where SME awards companies like Business Awards UK can help.

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Business Awards UK is an awards company with a difference. We make business awards accessible to all individuals and SMEs in the UK, with free entry to all awards using our simple 15 – minute form. We allow entrants to submit their entries to multiple award categories and we base all of our judging on merit.

This means a solo entrepreneur has just as much chance of winning an award as a business with multiple employees, providing they have demonstrated excellence in their industry. What’s more, we do not require finalists to attend an expensive, time consuming awards ceremony, which can often cost a company thousands of pounds. Instead, we send an optional physical award to winners and finalists at their request.

Integrity is our highest priority, and no entrant can ever purchase an award outright, nor do we allow our partners or sponsors to enter as well as sponsor their own category. We do not allow outside PR agencies to influence our judging process, and we only choose judges that have no vested interest in entrants’ businesses. By remaining transparent and forthright, we continue to build solid relationships with thought leaders and industry influencers across our award sectors .”

We’re eagerly awaiting the results so watch this space for more news soon.

We will update this page with the Small Business of the Year results.

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